The Big River Band features one American and four British men playing hot country-crossover songs. Having toured large theaters and halls in England, the band gained an enthusiastic following.

We've put together a few of their biggest show-stopping originals in the Go On Back EP, featuring the title song, as well as Back and Blue and Charlie. The lead singer hails from Montana, while the rest come from various parts in the West (of England!). One of them is even related to Blackbeard the pirate. This is hot country and beautiful ballads as only the Brits can play.

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Aivia is a singer/songwriter whose interesting name is spelled the same forwards or backwards, which shows that her parents had a creative streak. That streak is a mile wide in Aivia, a free-spirited wanderer and cultural anthropologist whose songs combine cool beats, creative melodies and off-center lyrics that make listening a laid back thrill.

DJ Sir Beavis puts out hardcore banging techno of the old skool variety. Having spun tracks throughout Britain, he has shared the stage with the likes of Ministry of Sound and many others, and on this album he lays down a heavy mix of happy hardcore, drum and bass and retro techno that's all the rage again.

Laird Camster captures the heady folk rock psychedelic sound swirling through the atmosphere. His lyrics are alive with references to lions, labyrinths, mysteries, life, death and everything else. He plays all the instruments on all the songs, tunes that bear a likeness to James Taylor, Donovan and late-60s Beatles. So tune in, turn one on and freak out!

Fadel Seck, also known by his stage name Bigfoot, is likely the tallest rapper in the world at the dizzying height of seven feet two inches. From Senegal, he can rock the stage simply by standing on it, but he moves like a tiger, stalking and rapping in English, French, Arabic and African dialects. A heavy bottom beat is the foundation for layers of instruments that gradually emerge to underpin his lyrics about social injustice but with a ray of hope thrown in for good measure.

Minx is a band very much in the style of the Spice Girls. They're loud and wild but with great voices, great looks and great appeal. In England, Essex girls are the equivalent to American Valley girls, but the members of Minx are known as Wessex girls, named after the wild and wooly ancient capitol of the British. Check out their music, their humor, their energy and their retro appeal.

Zelli is the answer to Minx. A pair of 13-year-old girls from the county of Wiltshire in England, Zoey and Kelley have amazingly tight harmonies and pro songwriting talent. Performing pop songs about (what else?) boys, looking at boys, being mad at boys, the duo brings the high-octane fuel that only young teenage females possess.

The Royalists had a major hit in England with their song Diana, Queen of Hearts. First recorded when Princess Diana made her historic television interview that practically brought down the monarchy, the song uses her own words as the lyrics. In order to give equal time to the royal family, the flip side of the single was a loving tribute to the Queen Mother. The band dressed up as 17th century Cavaliers and was frequently seen on various television shows around the globe.

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