3/18/2013 News:

It's been a very busy past few months here at AMG. There has been a major upgrade in all areas of our business, including the audio, video and graphics departments. To start with, we converted one of our areas into a video studio, with a big greenscreen wall that also features white and black backdrops, dedicated lights and a further greenscreen roll to make a cyc. We'll be using this studio a lot in the coming months and will also rent it out for producers needing a room to shoot in that isn't gigantic.

In addition, we've upgraded our computer to a big, screaming fast behemoth that eats data like it's a thing possessed. And like a lot of production companies, we were sorely disappointed with the latest version of FinalCut Pro and switched to Premiere instead. From our experience so far, and according to lots of published reports, Premiere is going to work out great for us and for our clients. While we were at it, we upgraded to the latest versions of our other favorite software applications, like InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator and others.

We caught a fever, and the only thing that could fix it was steampunk! If you're not aware of it, steampunk is a music, art and lifestyle happening that crosses Victorian themes with science fiction. Our recording studio got the steampunk treatment, with new wallpaper, wainscoting and plenty of sci-fi gadgetry. Three albums by different clients are in the works this spring, as well as the usual music beds, jingles and voice-overs.

AMG has been proud to help produce the annual Spring Forward concert in aid of the Nima's Wish Foundation (www.nimaswish.com). The foundation, set up by the parents of a local young girl killed by a drunk driver, raises money and awareness for hard-up families in Gambia in Africa. This year's event will be held over two days (June 8 and 9) at Cozmic Pizza in Eugene. Saturday will be filled with a wide variety of entertainment, with acts that run from a Russian group to local favorites Reeble Jar. Sunday will be world music day, ending with hours of fantastic reggae. Should be a great time for a great cause.

There's a big video project afoot. We plan to produce a full-length video on the sad state of education in America, especially as it relates to poverty. This is an issue that gets ignored, but in preparation for the shoot, we've seen lots of information on how uneven the playing field can be for minorities. We will try to get funding for the effort using Kickstarter in the very near future and will be counting on donations from students, teacher associations, minority groups, various advocates and our friends.

Finally, we've been busy brewing gallons of our famous beer, Milk of Amnesia, in preparation for our annual May Day Celebration. This event has grown bigger and bigger every year, and this year is no exception. There will be lots of musicians, artists, writers, tv people and plenty of others in attendance, plus the usual tons of free food, free drinks and of course, the maypole to dance around. If you get an invitation, just be sure to wear something spring-like and be ready to celebrate!

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