Our friendly recording studio comes complete with the powerful Logic Pro recording software that includes thousands of sounds, loops and patches to create almost any instrument; an isolation booth; Korg Triton for even more sounds; full complement of Sennheiser, Rode, Shure and MXL mics; digital drum set; a range of acoustic and electric guitars; and many ethnic instruments from around the world. In addition, our rates include a multi-instrumentalist producer/songwriter with a number of hits under his belt. Our cozy room, fun and creative but professional staff, make this a sought after oasis for those who don't enjoy the antiseptic vibe some of the major studios project.

In the Amsel studio, we write music for international artists in a variety of genres and also produce sound beds, jingles, radio commercials and voice-overs for talking books.

Rates start at $20 an hour contact us for bookings:

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