Current Project Spotlight:
Project title: Edumacation Documentary
Project Type: Feature Length Documentary
Project Completion: Feb 2014
Project Web Link:

AMG is responsible for filming, editing, research, funding, advertising and marketing for this feature length documentary of the education system in the United States.

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Project title: David Diaz Profile
Project Type: Storts Profile Video
Project Completion: Dec 2011
Project title: Soccer Coaching - Passing Skills
Project Type: Instructional Video
Project Completion: March 2012
Project title: Keep on Moving
Project Type: Music Video
Project Completion: Feb 2007

Project title: A Terrible Mistake
Project Type: Book Promotion Video
Project Completion: March 2010
Project title: Archaeology Channel
Project Type: Video Bumpers / Commercial
Project Completion: February 2011
Project title: LeLe "O" Video
Project Type: Music Video
Project Completion: Jan 2011

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