If you're one of the three people in the entire world that doesn't have a website, we can set one up for you. Or, more likely, you have a website already that is underperforming and needs to be fixed. There are certain website rules that we abide by, because they make great sense. It has to load quickly. It has to be easily navigated. It has to work equally well on all browsers and on all devices, like cell phones and tablets.

What will your site be used for? ECommerce? We can set up a shopping cart for you. Catalog? No matter how many pages and pictures, we can do it. We can set up chat rooms, blogs and enhance the whole thing with rich media (audio and video). In fact, video marketing is one of our specialties. Probably the most effective way to drive traffic to your website is my using short videos uploaded to youtube and other sites. In fact, Google wants you to do this. The trick is providing sharable information on a regular basis. It doesn't have to be long (2-5 minutes are best), but it needs to be uploaded on a regular basis.

Whether you need a brand new website, or your existing one just needs tweaking to take advantage of the tricks of the trade, we can help!

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